Defining Vision/Mission/Values

It’s of utmost importance for a company to know the sole purpose of its existence through defining its Vision, Mission and Values. We help SMEs in drafting the same and align it till the last level in the organization. This leads to an amazing orchestrating between the organizational Strategic Goals & Execution.

Business Goals & Strategy Development

We guide & facilitate our clients in establishing clear short term & long term business goals. Thereafter, we help the organizations in drafting various strategies intended towards the achievement of target that the organization is aiming for. The goal setting varies from focusing on Revenue Growth to Brand Building or to growing ROIC (return on invested capital).

Designing Job Descriptions (KRA/KPIs)

It’s vital to define the exact job description for every Individual and match the Suitability of the individual. Ensuring Right People, In Right Position, At the Right Time. We lend a helping hand to SMEs on this. Aligning organization goals with functional/ department heads and then cascading the same below. This also leads to employees’ development planning & hence growing with the organization.


No matter how much we advance in terms of technology and innovation, there shall always be one commodity that could never be replaced- ‘The Human Resource’. Unlike material resources, they don’t come up with a Best Before but their decorous training and management is vital in order to get the required job done from them. We are specialized analyzing to choose when building a talent is a better strategy then buying the talent. Building the skills that make an immediate impact on efficiency & productivity is always a priority.

Defining Systems, Policies and Processes (Operational Movement)

Compliance, Policies, Data Analytics, Employee Management, Performance Management, Compensation Benchmarking, Rewards & Recognition, Incentive Systems, KRA/KPI, Reduction in Force.

Succession Management

Succession planning increases the availability of experienced and capable employees that are prepared to assume the roles as they become available. Many organizations face the challenge when a critical employee leaves. The loss of opportunity cost in the process of hiring a new employee & on-boarding is huge. Developing an internal & external ready succession pipeline helps the organization to be saved from such unanticipated circumstances.

Employee Engagement

Employee Engagement is the extent to which employees feel passionate about their jobs, are committed to the organization, and put discretionary effort into their work. Problems associated with employee engagement are quite common for SMEs today and we are inclined towards solving them. On the same time SME industry has some of the finest best practices for engaging talent for long term through relationships. We are able to build further upon engaging talent through Individual Growth being linked to Organizational Growth.


At times, organizations need fresh blood in the hierarchy but are skeptical about its choice. We offer them a trust of providing the best hiring service to them. We act as an aggregator with giving options through various hiring consultants & our in-house team too. Hence balancing the investment & business priorities together. Analyzing the opportunity cost of business loss & prioritizing certain key positions is the usual strategy.

Change Management

As we are facing the most dynamic times in terms of “Speed of Change”, managing Human Capital in the changing times is the most critical element. It is natural for employees to feel fearful of the changes because that’s how our brain works. The only way to manage this is to include Change Management in your Execution Planning & Communications. As we empower people managers, they are able to better manage change for self & their teams.

HR Operations

We excel at providing services related to the field of HR including administrative services, recruitment, job analysis, and employee relationship management. All the generalist activities are crucial for the day today operational excellence. Providing technological solutions & structures help a lot in this area to build processes and data. It takes an initial effort & discipline to reap the benefits from this in a longer run.

Compensation and Benefits Providing

HR compensation and benefits managers contribute to growth and profitability by ensuring that pay structures and benefits plans are competitive, and that they are designed and managed to attract and retain a quality workforce. We offer the service of providing expert advice to managers on the same. We are able to introduce some best practices that engages the talent on day to day basis.